The Preamble to the Constitution and Bylaws (1996) of the

"The purpose of this Organization shall be to combine the interests of Locomotive Engineers or other persons in railway service who are now, or may hereafter become eligible tomembership in this Organization, elevate their social, moral, and intellectual standing; guard thier financial interests, and promote their general welfare and safety; its cardinal principles - sobriety, truth, justice and morality.

The Interests of the employer and employee being coordinate, the aim of the Organization will be cooperation and to guarantee the fulfillment of every contract made in its name by the use of every power vested in it.

The true principles of the brotherhood of man and the fundamental principles of the Order - 'Do unto others as you would they should do unto you,' - and so fulfill the law..."

The Platform of the BLE

"To work for safer, more heathful and sanitary conditions covering the entire scope of employees represented by the Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers.

To stimulate the political education of the members, to understand their political rights and use the ballot intelligently to the end that the government may be a government of, for and by the people and not to be used as a tool to further the ends of combinations of capital for its own aggrandizement."

Membership Eligibility (1996 Constitution and Bylaws, Section 26(a) �� Statutes)

"No person shall become a member of the BLE unless able to read and write in the language used in operating the road where employed, is of good moral character, temberapte habits, and in service as defined in Section 25(b), Statutes.

No person shall be eligible for membership in the Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers who is a member of a subversive group which shall advocate the overthrow of the United States and/or Canadian governments by force."

Such is the nature of the international ( United States and Canada) organization that was born out of great necessity due to the hardships endured by the man at the throttle �� and by railroad workers in general.