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October 4 , 2007:

UPDATED DDO / Stock Award List Results

- SA 5 and 10

August 10, 2007:

View the BLET/CSXT court documentation vs. the UTU.

- CSXT Opposition
- BLET Opposition

July 20 , 2007:

Click Here to View the BLET/CSXT list of Engineers who are entitled to an award of 10 shares of stock for perfect weekend attendance for the Months of April through June, 2007, pursuant to Article 5 of the BLET System Agreement.

July 20 , 2007:

Click Here to View the BLET/CSXT list of Engineers who who earned Demand Days off for the second quarter of 2007, pursuant to Article 10 of the Single System Agreement.

June 7 , 2007:

Click Here to view the letter concerning BACK PAY.

May 17 , 2007:

Click Here to view the new Claims codes under the 2007 Single System Agreement.

May 2 , 2007:

Click Here to read the latest information about the Single System Agreement.

April 25 , 2007:

Read the Labor Relations Response letter concerning Electronic Bid System.


Train Bulletins Conference

22 October 2007

Dear Union Brothers and Sisters:

Brothers and Sisters

Some of our members missed the last teleconference that was set up in regards to issues pertaining to Train Bulletins. Some of the issues discussed were as follows:

  • The Great Lakes, Albany and Chicago Divisions have been cut in
  • The remaining divisions that are dispatched out of the Jacksonville Operations Center will be cut in October 27th. Everything that pertains to the actual movement of a train, except the item listed below, should be in sequential milepost order by direction in the second portion of the Dispatcher Bulletin on that date
  • The identification and inserting by milepost order for flagmen and contractors will be completed November 5th
  • It was suggested to include the Rule 89 Authority No. permission line information in the actual body of the Rule 89 Dispatcher Message. Additionally, it was suggested to modify the line by adding EIC after OK Disp. (OK Disp/EIC INL:_____Time:_____ ) This would allow this line to be multi-purpose to provide a space for the crew to log the EIC initials and time permission was received rather than place it at another location on the document
  • Assignments that are dispatched to work mines, industries, etc., that turn enroute, these train messages will continue to be in one single direction as they currently are today since they do not traverse to an away from home terminal

The next follow-up conference call will be November 15th, 2007. The dial-up information is: 1-866-345-5454 PIN 2798.

John Campbell, who is AVP for the Train Dispatchers can answer any concerns, issues that our members may have with Train Bulletins. His email address is as follows: . Please copy this office with any correspondence to him.

In closing, please post this information and share with our membership at your monthly meetings.

Fraternally yours,

Don Moates, General Chairman

Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers and Trainmen
CSXT - Western Railroad Lines
(423) 263-0909

Pending Claims

16 October 2007

Notice! Members must notify RRB when claims cases are pending. More Info »

BLET Job Banks

15 October 2007

Canadian National Seeking Locomotive Engineers in Fulton, KY Area. More Info »